Zendalas Across Jamaica

Watching the Day at William Rule's

We are back from our travels in Jamaica, and we saw many of our friends who work so hard on the farms around us in Niagara year after year.  We were welcomed by their families, visited on the road and at their homes, laughed and sampled sweet fruits, rice and peas and chicken, and marvelled with our cameras at the colours around every bumpy corner. Finding Jamaica!  There were a few days of R&R at Treasure Beach in the midst, so I did a few zendalas along the way.  I said I would.  Not in moving cars, though. (I would get some rather different line qualities, mi tink)  Here they are:

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  1. Stephanie Smith says:

    I have been doing my own zendalas after having met you in Jamaica! I’m even teaching others about it! It is absolutely a fun way to keep the, usually idle, mind active but in a productive way! Thanks again for inspiring me!

    God bless

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