2011/12 Art Challenge #4

Make me SOMETHING using 6 toilet paper rolls.

That’s what I said.  Actually, what I first said involved 8 toilet paper rolls.   But the day after I set the challenge, a whole SWHACK of kids showed up in the Art Room for Art Club during Second Break – much to my surprise!  (it must have been a miserable day outside)  We WERE going to finish off our fingerprint character books from the weeks before but I scrapped that idea,  got out masking tape and glue and cardboard and rolls and paint and glitter AND LET THEM LOOSE ON MEETING THE CHALLENGE.

“Uh, actually – 6 rolls, yeah – or maybe 5 rolls and whatever else you can safely lay your hands on.”  Even after our family saved toilet paper tubes for a whole year WHILE running a Bed & Breakfast (ahem – more toilets), I was fast running out under the sheer numbers and enthusiasm in the Art Room that day!   So, 5 rolls is good.

I let them continue their work while I was in Jamaica (this is not class work, so it was on their own time), and some of the participants came in to Art Club today to put some final touches on their creations before I closed the competition.

So, here are the finalists, to be announced at school tomorrow morning, with prizes (as promised) from Jamaica.   Congratulations to everyone who took part!


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