The 2012/13 Art Challenges

Art Challenge #12:  Create a 2D Artwork Using the Foam Piece Provided

Drawing, painting, stencilling, resist.  I thought “Let’s see what they would do with sections of a pool noodle I scrounged and cut up on my mitre saw one day…”

Stamping with Foam


1st Place (Primary):  River





Painting with a Foam Stamp


2nd Place (Primary):  Ava




Stamping with a Pool Noodle Cross Section


!st Place (Junior):  Kaylee




Staming with a Pool Noodle Cross Section


!st Place (Intermediate):  Leah




Stamping with Foam


2nd Place (Intermediate):  Annalisa






Stamping with Foam Pieces


3rd Place (Intermediate):  Leeanne






Other Work Submitted:



Art Challenge #11:  Build a Sculpture Out of Lego

Screen shot 2013-04-23 at 12.02.11 AM

I think the idea of Lego as sculpture didn’t really make it to the general student population, but the enthusiasm of the entrants could hardly be discouraged … so here goes!



Winner:  Kyle

AC #11 / 2012-13








2nd Place:  Leah

AC #11 / 2012-13









3rd Place:

Lego Sculpture









Honourable Mention:  James

Lego Sculpture / Elementary







Other Work Submitted:



Art Challenge # 10:  Draw or Paint an Eye

I’ve had a mini set of instructions of “how to draw an eye” up on the front board of the Art Room for about a month now, and some students have made attempts at it.  I decided to go one further and made drawing an eye one of the Art Challenges.  I got a tremendous response – take a look with your own eyes.  Ha!

Winner (Primary):  Julia

Cut Paper Gr.1







2nd (Primary):  Rachel

AC #10 / 2012-13







Winner (Junior, gr.4/5):  Clara

Drawing the Eye (gr. 4/5)







2nd Prize (Junior, Gr. 4/5):  Nickolas

Drawing the Eye / Gr. 4/5








Winner (Junior/gr. 6):  Samuel

Drawing the Eye, gr. 6








2nd Prize (Junior/gr. 6):  Emily

Drawing the Eye / gr. 6







Winner (Intermediate):  Julia

Pencil Drawing of Eyes / Grade 7







2nd Prize (Intermediate):  Emilie

Drawing the Eye, gr. 7






3rd Place Tie (Intermediate):   Leah

Drawing the Eye, pencil







3rd Place Tie (Intermediate):  Annalisa

Drawing the Eye, gr. 7







Honourable Mention:  Ben S.

AC # 10 / 2012-13








Other Work Submitted:

AC #10 / 2012-13






Art Challenge #9:  Draw, Paint, or Sculpt an Artwork About Your Family

Students talked about doing this challenge … I thought this one would be a go, but there was only one entry in the end.

Naturally – she won.  Congrats, Emilie.

Family Portrait / gr.7







Art Challenge #8:  Creative Colouring!

I copied 8 different colouring pages I found on the internet; students could choose ONE – some got ambitious and did more than one:  Woot!

AC #8 / 2012-13




Winner (Primary):  Melina

Colouring Pages Completed








Winner (Junior):  Samuel

Coloured Patterns







2nd Place (Junior):  Machara

Colouring, Grade 5









3rd Place (Junior):  Emily

AC #8 / 2012-13









Winner (Intermediate):  Leah

Colouring Pages Completed, Gr.7










2nd Place (Intermediate):  Emilie

AC # 8 /2012-13









3rd Place (Intermediate):  Hannah

Colouring in Elementary Art

Colouring Pages / Elementary




Colouring Pages





Other Work Submitted:


Art Challenge #7:  Produce an Artwork Using the First Letter of Your Name

No photographs for this one, I’m afraid.  I can’t even remember the results, at the time of this posting.  I was in the midst of  my grant application … sure hope I get one this time!


Art Challenge #6:  Draw, Paint, or Construct a Winter Scene on a Box

For this challenge I provided boxes neatly wrapped in white paper, so their winter scene(s) could be on all sides.  The drawing could traverse the sides OR each side could be a separate drawing – their choice.

Winner (Primary):  Kyle

Drawing on Boxes

Drawing on Boxes








Winner (Junior):  David

Drawing on Boxes








Christmas Scene Drawing/ Elementary






Grade 7 Drawing:  Nativity Scene



Winner (Intermediate):  Leah










Nativity Scene on Box (Gr. 7)







Other Work Submitted:



Art Challenge #5: Draw or Paint a Favourite Character From a Book

Winner (Primary):  Rachel

Grade 5 Drawing








Winner (Junior): Nikolas

Grade 4 Drawing








Winner (Intermediate/gr.6):  Sofya

Grade 6 Drawing








Winner (Intermediate/gr.7/8):  Paige







Other Work Submitted:



Art Challenge # 4:  Draw the TitanicAC #4 / 2012-13




(This came at the request of a student who LOVES to draw the famous ship.  Unfortunately, he forgot to submit in time for the competition.)

The Late Entry That Started It:

Pencil Drawings of Ships








Winner (Primary):  Benjamin

Pencil Drawing of the Titanic








2nd Prize (Primary):  Christina

Titanic Drawing; Grade 3






Winner (Junior):  Austin

Titanic Drawing / Elementary Art







Winner (Intermediate):  Diego

Pencil Drawing Titanic; Grade 7







Honourable Mention:  William Couroux

Titanic Drawing / Grade 5






Other Work Submitted:



Art Challenge #3:  3D Bugs Made From Recycled Materials

Winner (Primary):  Benjamin

3D Bugs / Recycled Materials







2nd Prize (Primary):  Katherine

3D Bugs Using Recycled Materials Painted Cardboard Sculpture (Gr. 4)






Winner (Junior):  Maggie

#D Bugs / Recycled Materials







Winner (Intermediate):  Samuel

3d Bugs Made From Recycled Materials








2nd Prize (Intermediate):  Paige & Cierra

#D Animals Using Recycled Mat'ls







Honourable Mention:  Annika

Recycled Bug Sculptures






Other Work Submitted:



Art Challenge #2:  Dot Drawings, Paintings, Sculptures

Winner (Primary):  Maddie

Dot Drawing








Winner (Junior):  Keona

Dot Drawing








Winner (Intermediate):  Julia

Pointillism Grade 7









Winner (Sculpture):  Hannah

Dot Sculpture Dot Sculpture












Honourable Mention:  Hunter

Dot Sculpture








Other Work Submitted:



Art Challenge #1:  Design Your Summer T-Shirt

Winner (Primary):  Luke, gr. 1








Winner (Junior):  Genny, gr. 4








Winner (Intermediate):  Leah, gr. 7









Other Entries:  Keona, Emily, Ayden, and Elly


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