Time in my studio!  So rare, so lovely with the sunlight streaming in and jazz on the radio and time … by myself.

Oh, and a deadline – MOST necessary for me, because there is ALOT that distracts me from getting into the studio.  Niagara Artists Centre (NAC) is having their annual fundraiser, Small Feats, April 14th.   So I made two pieces … as with all submissions, they will be available that night for $200 each.  See you there?

While I am at it, here are a few pics of my work from years past.  (the NAC ones are at the end)




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  1. Jane Morrison says:

    So unique and inviting..just like you! Would love to see more but I see your life as a work of art – full of people, sound, colour and movement. Inspiring is the word that comes to mind and isn’t that the mark of all good art? Thank you for the offering that is your art and your life. Love you!

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