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I am willing to be a goof for Art.Hello!  My name is Mrs. Godwin (or Jodie to those who are closer to my height).  I have been volunteering alongside my own children at their schools for some years now.  Over the past four years, this has expanded beyond their classes and grades, and has involved me bringing in ideas and art projects (and stuff) to several Elementary schools in Niagara.  I love doing this!  I get to work alongside their teachers, who have been so welcoming, and I have the great privilege of being sort of an ‘Art Aunt’ to the students I know.  I often get stopped in the hall with the question “Mrs. Godwin, do we have Art with you today?”.  The look of elation on their faces when I can say “Yes!” is just – great.

So far, Samuel and Leah still enjoy having me there, and that is a lovely part of it that I don’t take for granted.  A big thank you to them both, and some of their friends, who have helped me clean up art messes after school so many times … (you know who you are)

In case you are wondering, my training is in Fine Art: I have a 4 year diploma from the Alberta College of Art, majoring in Ceramics, and 3 1/2 more years to a  BFA from the University of Calgary in Sculpture.  I then worked in the University of Calgary Art Department as a technician, until my husband David and I moved here to Niagara-on-the-Lake.  He opened a new branch for Woods Parker Architects, and has since started his own business:  Parker Architects, now located in St. Catharines.

I also spent years in Alberta working at a potter’s supply, and volunteering alongside high school youth with Young Life in Canada.  So, life has often been a balance of working with my hands and working with people.

These days, with the able assistance of my family, I run Bushy House B&B – something we have done for 13 years now.  I love so many of the guests that come our way over the years, and have watched our children grow.  Today we have 21 chickens and two cats and a dog, a budgie, a fish and a big garden.  You might say life is full!  We are blessed with good friends near and far; for all this and more – I give thanks.

My time at the schools is concentrated in those months that the B&B is not so busy, and I am glad to be able to share my enthusiasm for creative fun and people.  Art is here and there!


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  1. Marie Lapointe says:

    Jodie, I feel privileged to be able to walk by your art room at Parliament Oak and to see what wonderful things you are doing. You are so incredibly talented and generous with your time, your creativity and ideas, and your bubbling-over enthusiasm. We are all so fortunate to have you in our midst!

    • Art Education says:

      Thanks a lot, Marie. You know that I really enjoy doing Art with the kids, and I am pretty excited about this website, too! I want it to be something that kids and parents get jazzed about – the kids are doing some great pieces these days. I think they will be proud to see them on the site. See YOU in the library! Jodie

  2. lize says:

    I need permission to use Figure 3 A clay pot made by using the coil method in a school textbook. Can you please e mail me

    • Art Education says:

      Lize, you have my permission to use the photograph of coil pots being made in the classroom. There should be no photographs of that in the file “About Me”. Nothing there is coil built and it is my own work. Rather, I assume you are referring to the Post “At Last, Clay in the Classroom”.

  3. Karen introduced me to your web. Wow. I volunteered grade 2 art in GoldRiver. Set up lesson plans but they were just in folders hand written. My friend taught pottery at the Seven Day Adventist Academy so I volunteered with her and learned ‘everything’ about clay. We had an art club after school, Junior Picasso’s. This was Williams Lake. Now we are in Kamloops across from a fairly new school. Keep looking over and wondering if an art teacher might need a swamper. Kid’s art is my favorite and we have several pieces of Ben and Cookies work gracing our walls. Life is good.

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