The First Letter of Your Name, Please

Grade 1/2:  Tape Resist Paintings    IMG_4145

This was a first-time art lesson at this school, all in preparation for a school wide Celebration of the Arts.  So, I started with this large and excited group of young students.  Armed with green painter’s tape, smocks, paint and large brushes, I gave them a quick and energetic demonstration:  laying down the tape in the shape of the first letter of my name, and then painting over it – mixing the colours right on the paper.  Then, reverse the brush and use it to scratch designs back into the paint.  Done!

The students were pumped to get at it, and so proud of their work along the way – it was just great to see. (and busy, too:  “Mrs. Godwin, look at mine!”)

There was enough time to get them all working on a big sheet of paper I had rolled out on the floor.  I got the accompanying teachers to lay down the letters in tape, and then let the kids at it with the paint.  I had to watch out that they didn’t overdo it and render the banner paper a soggy mess (they were so into it!).  Hands were washed in buckets, smocks off and they were away.  It was a lot of clean-up for me, but worth it.

Rather a lot of them, but I couldn’t resist a single one.

Here’s the banner we made as well.

Celebrate Art!

Spring 2013 / Prince of Wales Elementary School

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