Our First Light Drawings

Grade 6:  Drawing With Light

The students have been studying electricity, and had just finished some work with contour line drawing, so …

We took some time to play!  I told them about artists who use long exposures, movement, and specific light sources in the dark to draw.  We darkened the art room as best we could, put up a black cloth background, and handed out flashlights (some with coloured homemade filters) and, best of all, my husband’s laser pointer.

I set up my camera on a tripod, and we trained our lights and/or laser on the black background.  Later, we tried running back and forth in front of the camera to create an image.  It was kinda fun, and a different progression from traditional line drawing.

I edited the pictures on my computer, and for the next class they will have an opportunity to work with a couple of commercially processed pictures, abstracting them further.  Watch for it!

Winter 2013 / Parliament Oak

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