Class Letters

Grade 5 Paper Mache Letters with Action! Painting

This was a project that took quite a while to complete, but the process was a good one, and had some fun moments along the way …

We began with building the letters, the first of each student’s name, using cut and pieced corrugated cardboard and toilet roll supports within.  Once secured with masking tape it was time for paper mache.  Here’s where you learn who has an aversion to wet messy stuff getting on their hands:  my son, for example!

We carried on (with some cajoling of said student) with three layers over the entire surface, and allowing for the inevitable textures and ‘imperfections’ to remain.  The cardboard construction took two double periods for most, and the subsequent paper mache, probably about three more double periods.  Actually, most of the students rather enjoyed this process … but now for the crazy bit!

We used household primer to seal them and give them a good clean white base.  The furniture in the Art Room was shoved back and pots of paint and brushes hauled out.  Everyone had their old clothes and smocks on, bare feet if necessary – and then it was time to fling paint, Jackson Pollock style!

(I think the kids were shocked and pleased that they got to do this inside a classroom – it was almost worth the clean-up for that reason alone!  Next time, though, I think we would do this part out on the lawn outside.)

Whatever.  The energy in the room was great that day, as the kids flicked and spattered and swiped the paint on, covering all of the surfaces.  They moved around, painting from different angles and dipping into pots of paint:  hence,  “Action!Painting”

Now that the letters were done, we could have some fun with them!  One afternoon, it was out on the front lawn to make as many words as we could with the letters available.  It was a little like Boggle on a bigger scale:  64 words we came up with, and we only stopped because we ran out of time.  Woo hoo!

What next?  Sentences, maybe …

A big game is near.                                    A bear begs a mime.

A sea breaks as I make jam.                    I wear a brim as big as a rib.


I’ve got a challenge for you now.  What sentences can YOU come up with using these letters from our class?  Send me your ideas in the comments section for this post – open to those willing participants from the class, by the way …

Winter – Spring 2012 / Parliament Oak School

My sister and her kids did some too!



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  1. Karen Biko says:

    Hey Jodie, we finished ours out here in Calgary…and they are awesome! I will send you a picture of our finished product. Thanks for teaching me how to do this, we had lots of fun, we used up some old house paint that we’d found, so ours are very pastel, but fun!

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