Trees of Life

Grade 2/3:  Their Own Tree of Life

Gustav Klimt “The Tree of Life” (1909)


This was a quick project near the end of the year that I put to the grade 2/3’s.  I intended for them to have one more class period to complete them, but other events didn’t allow for that to happen.  Too bad – I was going to have them get even more ornate and decorative with their trees. (translation: fun with glueing sequins and other colourful/shiny bits)  Even a few birds roosting in the branches would have been quite appropriate!

So, one double period class.  I showed them a picture of Klimt’s painting of the same name, and then I went to some basic instructions.

Start with the trunk at the bottom of the page in the middle and notice how it starts thick, and becomes thinner as more branches form.  And how to make curlicues! (Sheesh.  The things we adults take for granted.)  For some, this took practical instruction on my part, and some practice on theirs…

They started in crayon, and then we broke out the sequins and coloured bits of paper and glue.  Not bad!  Here are the results:

Spring 2012 / Parliament Oak School



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