Why is Blue Dog, Uh, Blue?

Art Project based on a BookI had to order the book from the States, but I knew I wanted to do an art project based on George Rodrigue’s  Why is Blue Dog Blue?.  Such a fun book.  His artwork illustrations just get you wantin’ to bust open some paint and get at it.  So, that’s what we did!

I showed the kids the book:  they quite liked Rodrigue’s fun illustrations!  Then, I had them complete the following sentence at the bottom of their page:  “Blue Dog is —— when he is  ———–.

Their next task was to draw and paint an illustration to suit the caption.  Fill the page, bright paint colours, and they could draw blue dog as the kind Rodrigue does, or one of their choosing.

Over the three or four classes this project took (I could tell by the chatter about the tables they worked), I’d say this one was a winner!   The results were featured for sale to their parents during the end of year Art Show and BBQ …

So we all won.


Many thanks to ‘We Heart Art’ lesson plans for steering me in the right direction.  Check it out and more at www.ourartlately.blogspot.ca

Early Spring 2012 / Parliament Oak School

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