Today, Our Sculpture Picnic.

We had a lovely day today with good friends on our way home from skiing in NY State:  on the recommendation of other good friends, we sought out Griffis Sculpture Park.  It is officially open from May through October, but we were still able to enjoy some of the more accessible sculptures found.  What fun to explore those lovely rolling hills in the warm spring air, and for the kids and adults alike to play amidst the artworks…

We had a delicious picnic (we think food tastes so much better when you eat it outside!), then clambered and photo-op’d on one of the favourites:  a meandering wooden structure of multiple plywood cubes and cutaways.  I was busy all throughout with my camera, and here are some of the things I saw.  Enjoy …

We’ll go again, perhaps in May (I’m told there are wildflowers and deer galore amidst the sculptures then).  More pictures!  In the meantime, why not check it out yourself?  (and take a picnic lunch)

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