What if a Giant SOMETHING Came to Town?!

Grade 2/3:  A Lesson in Perspective

Duration:  1 1/2 double periods

We were talking about creating the illusion of distance and space using the relationship between size and fore, middle, and background.  What is the difference in the size of objects when they are closer or further away?  What does the difference in size tell you about the size of objects/animals when they are next to other common objects? What if we were to surprise you?  What if a giant SOMETHING came to town?

These were some  of the ideas and questions I put before the grade 2/3’s one day.  I pulled out my Ziploc bag of magazine picture cutouts with differently sized pictures of animals. Excitement in the class rose considerably!

Each student got one cutout to build their drawing around.  NO trading:  their challenge was to work with what they got, figure out where in the picture plane it would be (fore, middle, back), keeping in mind that it was a giant SOMETHING coming to town …

The students really enjoyed acting on their imaginations, thinking about some of the landmarks in our town, and thinking about the what if?  It was a good day.

Fall 2012 / Parliament Oak School

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