Yum … Hot Chocolates.

Grade 2/3:  Inspired by Matisse?  Hot Chocolates!

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We looked at Matisse’s still life paintings and we talked about his love for colour and the patterns found in the furnishings and the wallpaper (and just what IS wallpaper? Not so familiar any more).

Then I showed them an empty mug and some hints on drawing one in perspective:  how the circle of the top changes to an ellipse and gets narrower to a line as their view of it changes.

So, how about hot chocolate?  Certainly a popular subject with the class!  They were excited to dig in and draw the mugs in front of them, even if it was just to imagine they were full of steaming hot chocolate.  I encouraged them to fill in the rest – the mug on a table, a wall behind (think wallpaper), and perhaps a window with a view.

Pencil drawn, gone over with Sharpie marker, and then bright colours in paint – woot!  Not quite finished yet – I promised them more … some even guessed at it.  This project spanned two double classes so when the paint was dry, they glued on pulled-apart cotton balls for the steam and dried mini marshmallows.  (They loved that part.)  Here’s hoping other students won’t pick them off and eat them when I hang the paintings in the hall.  Yikes!

Parliament Oak School / Winter 2013



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