Just Zebrafy It.

Grade 7/8:  Rendering Silhouettes in Zebra Stripes

Zebrafy It

Here’s a bit of fun.  A relatively quick project, well placed in between 2 rather extensive ones. Previously, I suggested they bring a picture of something they might want to draw – something with an interesting profile; something that would look good as a silhouette.  Only a few remembered to do that, so we pulled out magazines and chose images that way.

I had them draw only the outlines of their chosen object in pencil, and then I pulled out the Sharpies:  fill in with zebra stripes!  No outlines to define the contours, only the stripes.   To finish, I had them erase the pencil lines.  It made for a bold, eye-catching artwork that certainly got some attention when they were displayed in the school hallway… thanks to the blog Art with Mr. Hall for this idea!


Two Double Classes:

Parliament Oak / Winter 2013


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