The P.O. Art Challenges of 2011-12


Every few weeks of the year, I have run an Art Challenge with the students of Parliament Oak Elementary School.  It is completely voluntary, and is not connected with their schoolwork.  The entries are judged by myself and an impartial (and often different) person.  Prizes are awarded, and some of the Challenges have sparked some great ideas and enthusiasm! (for the project AND for the prizes)  Here is a recap of the Challenges we did:

Art Challenge #1:  Draw a picture of a form of transportation you would use to get to school.

Winner:  Samuel



Art Challenge #2:  Winter Twinchies!

Winners:  Kaylee and Aila

Art Challenge #3:  No Such Thing

There is a great author and illustrator that my teacher librarian mom introduced me to:  Bill Peet.  I used his book ‘No Such Thing” for this Challenge.  I made written copies of the descriptions of the creatures, but did not make the illustrations available.  What would a blue-snouted Thwump look like?  Or how about the pie-faced Pazeeks?

Winner:  Julia






and another entry:


Art Challenge #4:  Make Something Using 4 Toilet Paper Rolls

(and whatever else you can find)

Winner: Jay




2nd Place:  Ava



3rd Place: Maggie







Art Challenge #5:  Design a Playground




Winner:  Paige

Other Entries:










Art Challenge #6:  Make a Repeating Pattern Using One Geometric Shape




Winner:  Machara






other entries:


 Art Challenge # 7:  Make Your Own “We Heart Art” Sign for the Art Room


Winner:  Aila







2nd Prize:  Beth







3rd Prize:  Isabel  

Honourable Mentions:  Emilie, and Nick & Hunter





Other Entries:

As you can see this was a very popular Challenge.  Thanks to everyone who participated.  The Art Room looks just great!

Art Challenge #8:  Draw & Write a Postcard to Someone Out of Town

I provided the blank cards, with instructions to get their parents to help address the cards.  I would provide the stamps, and mail them (which I did, from Victoria).  The art goes out.

Winner:  Samuel

Other Entries:

Art Challenge # 9:  Create a Cut Paper Design in Black & White

Winner:  Layla

Cut Paper Composition

Other Entries:

Cut Paper Design

Black and White Patterns

Art Challenge #10:  Draw Your Pet

Whoah!  This one really caught their attention – I received a deluge of entries.  So, we awarded three levels of prizes, and everybody who entered got a giant bubble wand to begin their summer with!

Primary Winner:  Benjamin

Junior Winner:  Flo

Intermediate Winner:  Emilie

Other Entries:

That’s it.  See you next year for another whole whack of fun – I mean, Art Challenges!

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