More Op Art Cubes

Grade 7/8:  Op Art Cube Sculptures

There was a distinct ‘Op Art Buzz’ going on, so I took the ideas and lesson I did for Op Art cubes with the grade 6’s at the other school, and added a pedestal to display the grade 7/8’s efforts.  We taped a half-opened paper clip to the inside of one corner so that the opened end stuck out.  This spike could then be inserted into the small drilled hole in the top of the dowel making up the display stand.  The students had already painted them black with a gloss paint, and they set off the cubes quite well.

(I will say, however, that it would be important to attach the paper clip securely BEFORE the the paper sides of the box are glued together to make it 3D)

The sculptures were a popular item in the Art Room for a while, and I know at least one made it home as a Christmas present!

Fall 2012 / Parliament Oak School






























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