The More of Paper Masks

Grade 5 Paper Masks:  Taking it Further

Part II.

Class 5 & 6.  Just when they thought they were finished with masks, I had them work with them one more time.  The teacher and I paired up the students, with the direction to draw a picture of each other’s mask.  Alright!

We gave them large pieces of paper, which put them on the floor to work, and pencils to sketch out the composition.  The objective for them was to draw the shapes and details of their partner’s mask (using a lot of the page), but to place it in a background of their own making.  It could be an abstract design, background, or a pictorial setting for the mask.

Sharpie markers followed to outline, then oil pastel and tempera paint.  The oil acts as a resist to the water-based paint, so there are some neat effects to be had.

They let loose with this one!  It was an excellent capper to the whole mask project,while introducing some new materials and techniques.  See if you can match the masks with the pictures … not everyone was around for these classes, so not every mask was interpreted/abstracted.


(2 classes needed for Part II)

Winter 2011 / St. Michael School

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