Exploring Op Art / Doin’ the Wave

Grade 5 Op Art

The grade 5’s were really jazzed to get at some art that messes with optics (they had been seeing some examples that I had posted on the board).  This one required some concentration on their part, but I am quite glad they persevered:  great results!

I showed them some examples of Op Art from the sixties (Bridget Riley, Victor Vasarely) and on.  Turns out I have a blanket that is derived from Bridget Riley’s design “Breathe”- we decided that looked really cool when we moved it: kinetic Op Art…

We mounted them on construction paper with two toilet paper tubes underneath to make the pattern 3-dimensional, glueing it in place and then removing the tubes.  The waves got wavier, and the optics more interesting.

Fall 2011 / Parliament Oak School

Check out www.op-art.co.uk for more Op Art antics!

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