Snowmen, Sound Off!

Grade 1/2:  Snowmen of Paper and Recycled Materials?  You Bet.

This project has two parts:  drawing and painting the background, and cutting and building the snowmen.  We started with the background, so we could get them drying in the rack to be ready for the second class time.  Using large pink paper and a white crayon, I had them draw quick snowflakes all over the page.  Then they got busy with large brushes and washes of blue paint (with a few sprinkles thrown in the paint).

While these were drying, it was time for building their snowmen.  With illustrations on the board, I had them cut out three white circles:  large, medium, and small.  Question for them – which one goes on the bottom?

This next part is the one they love.  We opened up the free cupboard (all the stuff I drag in and other people leave in the Art Room for me):  woot!

It’s the part I love, too.  They get so excited with the stuff they pull out, and their imaginations are firing left and right as they ‘decorate’ their snowmen.  White glue and enthusiasm were all that were needed to complete their snowmen.

The following class gave them time to finish their decorations, and glue the snowman onto their backgrounds.  Done.

Winter 2014 / Parliament Oak Elementary School

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