Inspiration: Chinese Scroll Paintings

Grade 4/5:  Cherry Blossom Tree Paintings

As the Tjanpi animal sculptures were slowly finishing, some students were ready to go on – so I gave them extra projects, which they loved.  The best of the extras was this one. Like the  Tjanpi, these inspired other students to do one for themselves.

Step 1 was to lightly trace in pencil a circle for the moon.  Then, washes of paint mixed right on the paper were brushed round it, leaving the raw paper for the moon.  Hair dryers to dry, and then we pulled out the black ink.  We dropped a small puddle onto the paper at the base, and then some fun:  with a large straw, they blew the ink up and up across the page, more applications of ink needed as they went.  The trunk travelled into branches into twigs to the ends – wonderful!

Once the ink dried, I gave them each a red chalk pastel to add the cherry blossoms in varying sizes.  A dot of black Sharpie on each blossom completed this portion.

The final detail was to write their names in Chinese characters on the side in Sharpie. (this was largely done after I photographed them)  We glued dowels to the top and bottom at the back, and a string to hang.  This was one project they got to take home right away – and glad to do it!

Parliament Oak / Winter 2013

Thanks to Use Your Coloured Pencils for another winner.

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