Cut Paper Masks

Grade 5/6: Exploring the Mask in Paper

I have done this project before in two schools, with much success.  It being my very first lesson with this particular class offered some unknowns, but I am quite pleased with the results – and I think they are, too!  Kudos to their teacher who prepared them well in introducing the ideas of mask, and got them to do some visual research even before I got there.  It made it easy for me to jump in and show them the mechanics of the project, and help them along in the making of.  It’s a pretty good group of kids, and I look forward to more work with them this year – awesome!

Important themes I emphasized:  symmetry, using cut paper only (no drawing details with markers or paint), repetition, and layering of different coloured paper in the features.

On the back of each mask we fastened a popsicle stick horizontally, and tied a string of monofilament for hanging.  These masks were not meant to be worn.   I expect they are hanging about the classroom now…


Masks on Display


Sho ’nuff.



Ferndale School / Spring 2013

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4 Responses to Cut Paper Masks

  1. rebecca furnival says:

    hi its rebecca from Mre.Shynals class and i really liked how you put our names beside our masks so we knew whos is whos and thankyou very much for coming into our classroom and working with us!

    • Art Education says:

      Thanks, Rebecca – I am glad you got to see your work online. Kinda fun, eh? I am glad I got to come in and work with your class, and I will see you again soon for the next project!

  2. Erwin says:

    Hi Im Erwin here and thanks for seeing our art work!!!!!!

    • Art Education says:

      Hi Erwin! I’m glad you visited the site … kinda fun to see your work online, eh? See you soon for the next project …

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