Fall Leaves on an Autumn Day

Grade 2/3:  Tissue Paper Leaves        

This was a great first lesson, with me as the ‘guest artist’ coming into this class, one fine October day.  How nice to meet this lovely group of kids, and to look forward to doing more Art with them over the year!

Walks in the woods, jumping in piles of leaves, watching leaves fall and the patterns on the ground.  We talked about that, and then I gave them each a printed sheet with line drawings of different leaves, a blank sheet of white paper, a Sharpie marker, and oil pastels.  Trace a few and colour them, and then continue with the squares of coloured tissue paper.  These too were traced with the marker using the leaves template, and glued over the others.  I encouraged them to overlay the leaves, as they would land on the ground.  Colours mix and the lines of leaves intersect.  Nice!

Big thanks to Patty at Deep Space Sparkle for this idea AND the how-to …


October 2012 / Ferndale School

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