Crazy Textured Socks

Grade 1 & 2 Sock Symmetry – or Not.

Here is a project we did early in the year, and it was a fun kick-off (is there a pun?) to the year of Art Room antics.  I had in my collections some old brown paper from the Nursery School leavings, and bits and pieces from my mom’s craft room.  (A room which is in continual need of organizing and purging, despite my sister’s faithful efforts – but that’s another story.)

I was happy to make all these things useful again in the hands of this large, enthusiastic class.  I showed them my example efforts, and suggested they make their own CRAZY textured socks: a pair!

And what is a pair of socks (the rebellion of my earlier days of wearing mismatched socks largely put aside), but TWO MATCHING ones?  Here are the suggestions we gave going in:

1.  matching means the same order of shapes and colours (so, cut TWO of everything).

2.  figure out whether you want your legs facing left or right or forward or a combination of the two.

3.  draw the legs and feet using the whole length of the brown page; plenty of room to have fun with the socks.

4.  Have fun with the socks.

(PS.   They did.  And the legged socks looked great hanging on the bulletin board, too.)

Fall 2011 / Parliament Oak School

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