3D Zentangles, Boxed

Grade 4/5 Altered Zentangle Drawings

This was one of the first projects of the year, though I have only photographed them recently.  It was going to be like a lesson I did in a previous year, but a couple of students reminded me that that they had already done it then – the shifting of split grades mixed me up.  (I was horrified to realize that one of the few times I have repeated a lesson winds up being with students who can say ” We already did this with you, Mrs. Godwin”  Yikes.)

So, quick thinking needed on my part (there were only three students having to repeat):  we would do the cut and laminated zentangles as before but this time apply them onto black boxes instead of a flat sheet of black paper.  Then we could hang them with monofilament from the ceiling … yeah!  (Ducking the motion sensors, of course)

Our process for this project is described in my 2010 posting “Grade 3/4:  Line Drawings Go 3D!”

Fall 2012 / Parliament Oak School


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