Welcome to ArtHereandThere.com

Here is a showcase for children’s art in Niagara, Ontario.

This website has been created to give a place for parents, students, and others to take a look at what has been happening in some of the Elementary Art classes with Mrs. Godwin.  At this point, that includes four schools in the Niagara region, though mostly at Parliament Oak in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

I invite you to make comments and make this an interactive place for creativity to grow – we can learn from each other!   Ideas, experiences and reflections are welcome.

Be sure to visit the projects section to see some of the work the students have created in the past, and watch for steady updates throughout the year.  I have enjoyed working as a volunteer parent with many students over the past 4 years  – and I am looking forward to what we come up with next!  Many thanks to all those great blogs that I visit late at night, which give me many of the ideas I bring forth to do with the classes in our area.  I will try to give credit to them specifically when I post … then you can find them, too.  It all works toward making art and creativity happen in Niagara.

Not to mention all the stuff  I drag in to do it with.


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