There’s Treasure in Them There Waters

Grade 4:  Pirate Treasure Chests, in Pencil

This was a one-time class project, in preparation for the school-wide art fair.  I had not worked with this class before, so I started with a quick demonstration in drawing … ice cubes!  Really, just boxes using the principles of perspective – but ice cubes are more fun.

I gave them some scrap paper to try it out a few times, and then it was time for the main event.  I demonstrated drawing a treasure chest with a rounded open lid – they could practise that as well on the scrap.  I must say they were quite pleased with their newly acquired skill at drawing boxes …  I could visualize them at the dinner table that night, showing off their “ice cube 101”.

Of course, for the project, it wasn’t all just about drawing a box.  The treasure is at the bottom of the ocean, so I had them draw it on the ocean floor.  What else might be in the picture?  We let them run with it, and have some fun with their imagination.

But there was one more thing (I kept it a secret):  gold glitter!  Because, of course, there’s treasure in them there waters.  Their eyes lit up at the prospect of glitter – once in a while, it’s just the ticket.  A little bit of white glue, and a few shakes – done!

Thanks to “Use Your Coloured Pencils” blogspot for this ‘spot-on’ idea.


Spring 2013 / Prince of Wales School

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