Their Favourite Animals


Grade 2/3:  Simple Printmaking 

The kids love to draw animals, so I had them sketch out their favourite, and place them in a likely habitat.  The drawings needed to be rather simple, as they were simply a precursor to the next step.  Each student was given a rectangle cut from foam plates I collected, with directions to copy their paper drawings and incise the foam with pencil.

They were given a square of black construction paper, and one of stock white.  Rolling with a brayer, they inked white for the black and then colours for the white page.  This proved to be a quick and fun lesson in printmaking that was completed in one double class session.   Definitely a do-again!

IMG_2991 IMG_2992 IMG_2993 IMG_2994 IMG_2995 IMG_2996 IMG_2997 IMG_2998 IMG_2999













Winter 2013 / Parliament Oak School

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