The NameTangle Game

Grade 2/3:  Doodling Around With Their Names

This was great as a first Art Project for the year.  Some students were new to me, but many had done Art with me the year before.  We talked about different kinds of lines; thick and thin, how doodles, letters and even shapes can form lines.  I had an example up on the board of different doodles and line possibilities for them to refer to later.

We began in pencil, drawing the letters of their name at different angles and spanning them from top to bottom as much as possible.  When that was done, they were each given a regular black Sharpie marker to go over those lines to make them quite thick.  The next step was to divide the negative spaces between the letters with pencil lines, extending to the outer edges of the rectangle.

Now it was time for fine Sharpies.  Go over the dividing lines and then draw different doodles and lines within each section.  I encouraged them to vary the designs and the concentration of lines between the sections to provide interest.  It was really great to see their imaginations at work here, and the results soon began to look quite stunning.

We made copies of these Black & Whites, and subsequent classes with just the teacher saw them applying pencil crayon and/or coloured markers.  Wow!  Some of them really pop!

I like them both ways:  with the colour and just B&W.  What do you think?

Thanks to the Bees Knees Cousin blogspot for this idea.  I love the results … thinking there are several ways one could take this 3D with other students.  What about covering miscellaneous objects with white house paint, sanding for smoothness, and then covering with this kind of graphic?  Hmmm.

I displayed them on the bulletin board as a domino-type game … there may be some possibilities there, too!

Fall 2012 / Parliament Oak School


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