Christmas Tree Prints

Grade 3/4 Printmaking:

There is a lovely class at Ferndale School that I so enjoy coming to teach art to …

A simple process really, and an easy way into printmaking at this age level.  I showed them a chart of different silhouettes of trees, and we noticed the differences in shapes – I posted this at the front of the classroom in case they would need to refer to it.

We began with scrap paper to quickly sketch stylized winter or Christmas trees.  Some of the students come from other faiths, so we opened up the ideas to include all.  Then I supplied the students with clean foam meat trays, with the sides cut away.  Using their pencils, they redrew their trees, with or without presents or decorations.  By going over their lines in the styrofoam with more pressure, the  lines are incised.  Ready for printing!

Using foam rollers and either green or red paint as ink, each student pulled two prints, side by side.  To finish, a ‘frame’ was created with multiple prints of ONE of their fingers.  Given the individuality of one’s fingerprints, how their eyes lit up when I suggested that there were no other artworks in the world exactly like each of theirs!

Fall 2011 / Ferndale School


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